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believes that government spending should be cut taxes reduced in the conditions for medium size businesses improved according to some studies to pull to the peace multiple posts and thus the news that the wheat with a beak that the national identity of benjamin's more than one hundred thousand gbp it so we have to be a made bed that these two because by the duty of indignation we have to be among sixty per cent nickel alfonso is remembered from congo. several years ago he moved from france but cannot find a job and went to brussels. there he was lucky he is now an employee of the european parliament actual service. yep it's the pizza. it took me much time to find a job i have a family and i need to feed them. governments need to be able to manage the crisis well. this painting won't see the overall income the crisis will intensify. it was a challenge for me new peanut countries including belgium ah we going to be a bit to recall for and accepted that the leaven of golf team mom and two monty percent oh i'll be going to continue full many years seen a that he should stay true to groove mad
to submit the results of the transfer of tax administration from the customs authorities to fiscal once within ten days all employees of local tax services have become cabinet officials said the prime minister. this leads to an increase in soon open ocean fraudulent schemes pt refund delays and other problems that occurred budget losses but if you look at that moment to admit that i cannot fit into the main causes are the new ship is frosting that i even added tax system azerbaijan has achieved sharp reductions in the sphere introducing a special bt account. we made seven trips there to learn about this experience we believe that this time has come we can now introduce it to the legislation level this year but we would introduce an organization level by two thousand fifty three two thousand sixteen and pilot mode and then we can carry out this work on a full scale in addition electronic invoices will be introduced in july first two thousand fourteen. this will be on a voluntary basis for a while this will greatly simplify the doing business for hundreds of yours. we recommend introducin
it is not licensed to preach businesses responsible for obligations tax payments release of goods in compliance with laws according to the member of the mojo is representing the optional party it should be necessary to conduct a full audit of existing legislation and take on severn your code during moratorium is to put a wash of focus on the vulnerability of medium businesses. he really is that the last ten to make preference is for small businesses in general according to the mp the presidentnt's decree of introducing concrete measures to improve the conditions for the moment of entrepreneurship will contribute to the rapid growth of business in the country. the only diesel pollution. for those of you who tuned in. as it is noted recently the president instructed the national fun to locate one continue to support business bus operators have the unique opportunity to spend this money in a couple and i'm too difficult for vocals for the gills with which the blogs that you will but didn't use to it is true the technology the production of energy efficient building a terrace with a bow in the labo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)